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Cooperation Agreement signed with the following:

  • Regional Chamber of Exporters of Buenos Aires Province.
  • Industrial Union of La Plata.
  • Conference on Business Opportunities in Nigeria, in the Dardo Rocha Center, La Plata.
  • From left to right: CANC General Secretary , Dr. Roberto Carrizo- / Chairman of Tres de Febrero Chamber of Commerce & Ind., Mr. Sergio Feige-Regional/ Chairman  of- Association of Nigerians in the River Plate Region, Engr. Obadia Alegbe / Chairman of the CANC, Dr. Alberto Morante / Association of Nigerians in the River Plate Region General Secretary, Mr. Stephen Douglas
  • The Argentina Nigerian Chamber of Commerce

Come and Invest in Nigeria Tapgun tells Argentine Delegation

The Minister of Industry Mr. Fidelis Tapgun, has called on the Argentine trade Mission delegation currently visiting the country to come and invest in Nigeria.
Mr. Tapgun made this extended the invitation in Abuja when a 14-man delegation of businessmen from the Argentine led by their Chairman, Dr. Alberto Morante paid him a courtesy visit.
The Minister who was represented at the meeting by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Deji Omotade, said the country’s investment climate could not have been better.
The minister reminded the delegation that the relationship between Nigeria and Argentina would be further strengthened when the issue of business investment between them came in.
Mr. Tapgun therefore called on the business and women of both countries to make good use of the opportunity provided them so that both countries could benefit from one another.
Speaking earlier, the leader of the Argentine Trade delegation, Dr. Morante, informed the Minister that they were ready for business investment in Nigeria.
He said possible areas of trade investment between Nigeria and Argentina included livestock and poultry, processing tomatoes in different forms, water treatment plant, oxygen plants consulting, Hydro-electric plants, electrical equipment, Housing, car parts, navying construction, cassava processing.

Minister of Commerce receives Argentine Trade Mission

The Minister of Commerce, Ambassador A. D. Idris Waziri had described Nigeria as an investment haven.
The Minister, who spoke through the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mrs. Janet O. Ogunleye during a courtesy call by a nine-man Argentine Trade Mission to the Ministry, stressed the need for such private sectors like the Argentine Chambers of Commerce to exploit the agricultural potentials of Nigeria where any crop grown in any part of the country would grow.
Among the agricultural products of Nigeria, the Minister specifically mentioned cassava, the production and export of which Nigeria was presently promoting.
The Minister described the Nigerian cassava as the best in the world and assured the visiting Trade delegation that their investment in Nigeria would give them high returns.
The Minister finally thanked the visiting trade delegation for the excellent initiative and emphasized the need for such trade co-operation between the people and government of both countries, and gave the assurance of government’s support and co-operation at all times.
Earlier, the chairman of the Argentine Chambers of Commerce and leader of the delegation, Mr. Alberto Morante had informed the Minister that he and members of his delegation were in Nigeria to explore business and investment opportunities in areas such as gum Arabic, sesame seeds, cassava and other agricultural products.
He disclosed that Argentina has technology which they would like to share with Nigeria.

  • Dr. Morante with Embajador Wali
  • Council Minister Monticelli and Dr Morante
  • Kebbi State - Protocol Chief - Dr. Morante-Ambassador Wali
  • Visit to Agriculture Establishment in Kebbi
  • NIPC Representatives with some members of the Delegation
  • Jigawa - Free Zone - the Hon. Minister (next to Dr. Morante)
  • Argentine Delegation
  • Minister of Health of Jigawa State (second from the left
  • He The Executive Governor of Jigawa State
  • He The Executive Governor of Sokoto State
  • The Argentina Nigerian Chamber of Commerce
  • The Argentina Nigerian Chamber of Commerce

Results of the Mission

  • Signing of MOUs “Memorandum Of Understanding” to develop several projects:
    1. Kebbi State: Agriculture, Water, Energy, Housing.
    2. Sokoto State: Agriculture, Water, Health.
    3. 3. Jigawa State: Agriculture, Health (Mobile and Regular Hospitals), Water, Energy

  • Creation of the First Business & Investment Forum - BIF - in Buenos Aires, organized by NIPC in collaboration with Argentine-Nigerian & Concurrent Countries Chamber of Commerce.

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