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Trade Mission to Jigawa

Members of the Business Delegation (Download).

  • From Left to Right: Sami Bikudu and Officials of the Government with Dr. Jorge Dominguez
  • Hon. Commissioner of Water Resources, Mr. Ado Sani Kivi and Dr. Jorge Dominguez
  • Signature of "Irrigation Project Agreement and Embryo Transference Agreement"
  • The Argentina Nigerian Chamber of Commerce
  • The Argentina Nigerian Chamber of Commerce

Visit our country from members of the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission -NIPC-

A Nigerian Delegation, including members of Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission -NIPC- as well as businessmen from the private sector visited our country to attend the First Business & Investment Forum in Buenos Aires -Argentina -BIF 06-


  • Mr. Stephen Amase / Director

  • Mr. Amos Y. Sakaba / Deputy Director

  • Mr. Bala M. Ajiya / Deputy Director

  • Mr. Emmanuel Aza /Principal Investment Officer

Central Bank of Nigeria

  • Mr. G. A. Oladejobi

  • Deputy Director

  • Mr. Suleiman Barau

  • Special Adviser to the Governor (Private Sector & Parastatals)

Leather - Footwear

  • Mr. Ogonna Okonkwo / MD - CEO

Marine y Shipping

  • Mr. Diepreye Justin George / MD-CEO

  • Mrs. Grace George / GM

  • Mr. Ali Gambo / MD-CEO

Development. We appointed several meetings between Directors of the Central Bank of Nigeria with members of the board of Directors of the following institutions:

  • Central Bank of the Republic Of Argentina (BCRA).

  • Association of Argentinean Private Banks (ADEBA).

  • FINANSUR S.A. Bank.

  • Bank O The Province Of Buenos Aires.

  • Meetings between businessmen from Maritime/Shipping sector with Argentinean Ship Builders.

  • Meetings with leather manufacturers.

  • Major of Chivilcoy City, Mr. Ariel Franetovich, offered an Official Reception at the Town Hall.

  • Visit to Dairy Establishment and Dairy Factory.

  • Country day at an Argentinean ranch, Chivilcoy.

  • From left to right: Dr. Dominguez, Ricardo Torbidoni, Deputy Director Mr. Sakaba, Chairman Dr. Morante, Director of Production of Chivilcoy Mrs. Wildner, Director of Investment Promotion Mr Amase, Major of Chivilcoy Mr. Ariel Franetovich, businessmen from Nigeria, other members of the Chamber, other members of NIPC.
  • "La Angelita" Ranch, Chivilcoy, Province of  B. A.  Members of the Chamber, members of NIPC Delegation, Nigerian Businessmen, Argentinean businessmen, owner of the ranch Mr. Zanardi, representatives to the Major Office, member of the Association of Nigerians of Rio De La Plata
  • Special Lunch at Puerto Madero, Bs As: members of NIPC, members of the Chamber, representatives of Association of Nigerians of Rio De La Plata.
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