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31 de Diciembre

Happy Holidays

As President of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce Nigerian Countries Concurrent I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas
I also wish to extend this greeting to the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, that with your support, we have achieved great things in 2012
Next year we hope to realize all harvested, remain a bridge entity Argentine businessman and the beautiful country of Nigeria, and above all, continue on the same path we have started from the year 1974, under the premises of work and seriousness.

December 10

Meeting with representatives of the province of Mendoza

The Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce is to met with representatives of the Province of Mendoza in the Nigerian Embassy.
Gurioli Mario, who serves on the Directive Commission of the Chamber, has presented us so welcome Mr. Victor Begarie.
At the meeting discussed issues such as trade missions, business and related products Mendoza.
Ambassador performed a ceremonial greeting with President of the Chamber, representing the province of Mendoza.

December 5

Visit to the Province of San Luis

The Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce, was invited to the San Luis Province by the Association of Directors and Economic and Commercial Attachés (ACACE).
during the visit by members of the association in the town of Candelaria, Ayacucho Department, to make contact with leading agribusiness enterprises have settled in the zona.Fueron accompanied by Minister of Industry, Trade, Transport and Mining, Walter Padula Field Ministry officials, and the mayor of the town, Fernando Casas.
The tour consisted of the guided tour of the company Puramel - Estancia San Miguel where they could see how the cotton gin plant and a thousand dairy cows (four months that will seat two thousand) launched just six months ago. The businessmen said they have 5000 acres under irrigation and the province has exceptional qualities. "In five years we have quintupled cotton production. It's a unique climate for growing and the quality of cotton fiber we get is only in Argentina, "said Humberto Moretti.
Then counselors and trade and economic aggregates were present in the company Berries, Blueberries producer. They learned the process of harvesting and packing of fruits. In Candelaria, 120 acres of blueberries produced with the latest technology and one of the largest plantations in Argentina. The entire surface has drip irrigation and mesh hail.
The main consumer markets are the U.S. and Britain, followed by other European countries and from the plantations of Candelaria, the company also exports to Japan.
But there did not complete the courses. There was also time to learn a new venture producing rolls, megafardos and alfalfa pellets, Alexis Isabettini engineer. There was an example of the transformation of large bales of alfalfa in Business pellets.

In a local hotel in northern San Luis, there was a round of international business, where entrepreneurs in the area had the unique opportunity to meet face to face with members ACACE.
Lisa Federico, manager Puramel - Estancia San Miguel, said: "It is a very important visit to try to sell the entire production of this area is growing." Regarding the economic stakes for San Luis said: "We chose St. Louis because we believe that climate has many advantages, especially productive and legal security to the province to work in certain scenarios. Also always receive support from the government, always ask us how they can help, and that in other provinces not seen ". Finally Walter Padula Minister stressed that the Government of San Luis is open to national and international linkage on foreign trade, which becomes a great opportunity for entrepreneurs that will puntanos new business opportunities and market openings.
"Ayacucho has become a true center agribusiness, very important. Here is produced cotton, milk, alfalfa, beans, blueberries, which years ago was unthinkable. That is why we considered very important for counselors in Malaysia, Romania, Israel, Nigeria, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru that today we are pleased with his visit, could have a real contact with these endeavors, "Padula argued.

November 22nd

Ambassador of Nigeria in La Salada

The Nigerian ambassador in Argentina visiting the Feria de La Salada, located in Virgil and Tilcara Road de La Ribera, Engineer Budge, Lomas de Zamora.
The ambassador was received by Mr. Jorge Castillo, president of the Fair Punta Mogotes.
Castilllo has plans to make a venture similar to that in our country has in Nigeria, whereupon, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce Nigeria, interceded between the ambassador and said, in order to provide relevant advice.
After the visit, the ambassador was invited to a luncheon in his honor.
The Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce will be traveling next year with Castiilo to Nigeria to examine the subject

November 12th

Trade Mission to Nigeria, Katsina State

The Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce, represented by its President, Alberto Morante, and his Vice President, Jorge Dominguez, traveled with the company for the category Argentina SA Serviur Services, Water, to diagnose problems related to this last Have been fully received by the Governor of Katsina State, ministers and other officials of the area. The company Argentina had the opportunity to visit water plants, in order to assess their functional status. It further notes the courtesy visit to the Emir of Katsina (every province or state has an Emir Muslim - religious leader who reports to the Sultan of Sokoto -2 sultans in the world, one in Turkey and one in Nigeria). The state of Katsina, will work with the company in order to solve the existing problems The trade mission is deemed a success by all parties, again scheduling a visit to Katsina state soon.


November 6th

Lunch Ambassador and Serviur S.A.

The company Serviur Argentina SA, represented by its President and partner, Mr. Canton and Lockman, respectively, had lunch with the Ambassador of Nigeria, President of the Chamber Morante Alberto, Vice President, Jorge Dominguez, and Treasurer Federico Morante At lunch they discussed issues related to water in Nigeria, repair and other plants. The company with the Chamber traveling in the month of November to Katsina State invited by the Governor of the state in question guests.

  • Chiave con Canton

October 2nd

Secretary of Commerce of the Nation

The Secretary of Commerce Guillermo Moreno Lic, received the President of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce Nigeria, Alberto Morante, with the motive to chat about the trade mission to be held in March 2013 in Nigeria Argentine Chamber of Commerce Nigerian participate actively in the search for companies, trade mission, and subsequent guidance on the Nigerian market

October 1st

Independence Anniversary of Nigeria

In the Four Seasson located in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires Argentina, the party was held to celebrate the anniversary of the independence of Nigeria. The new ambassador in our country express words such as "I have come to Argentina to work and strengthen commercial ties between the two countries".

Agust 13th

It visits the new ambassador from Nigeria in the Argentina

The president of the Chamber of Commerce Alberto Morante together with the vice president and the treasurer visited in the Embassy of the Republic of Nigeria in the Argentina to the new representative of having mentioned country, Ambassador.
The gentleman Ambassador was pleased by this visit, manifesting his gratitude before having mentioned event, being the Camera, the first ones in welcoming him, according to his words.

July 05th

Radial Sant Faith interviews

With reason of the next Commercial Mission to be carried out for the Nigerian Argentinean Chamber of Commerce in the month of August, the radio LT9 - AM 1150 - SACRED FAITH that the journalist drives Adolfo Schweighofer in his program NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY, he has carried out an interview to the President of the Camera, Alberto Morante, in the one which you achievement to exchange knowledge about the Nigerian Market.
We thank the participation and Mr. Adolfo's interest Schweighofer in the International Trade
We attach copy of the interview:

April 5th


The gentleman Secretary of the embassy of Nigeria Benny Adejinle, in the gentleman's Ambassador absence, together with their secretary of the Embassy, and in presence of the President of the Nigerian Argentinean Chamber of Commerce, Doctor Morante Alberto, and their Vice President, Dominguez Jorge, they visited the Industrial Plant of the company Mills Cañuelas, companies, for representatives of the same one.
In the visit in mention, one could see the operation of you scheme them and other, commenting the Secretary, to be of great utility for the Country of Nigeria.
The members of the Company, being very according with the gentleman's Secretary visit, they committed to participate from the commercial mission to be carried out in the month of August to Nigeria together with the Camera, in order to be able to carry out commercial exchanges between both countries.

March 16th

Lunch at the residence of the Ambassador of Pakistan

The Ambassador of Pakistan, His Excellency Naela Cohen, invite you to his house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nigeria's ambassador in Argentina Empire Kanu. The president of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce participated in the event Nigerian.

March 14th

Nigerian Ambassador's farewell at Lebanese Embassy

The gentleman Ambassador from the Lebanon Hicham Salim Hadman received in its embassy located in avenue Of the Liberator 2354 Federal Capital, to the gentleman Ambassador of the Republic of Nigeria, Empire Kanu, to the gentleman ambassador from Spain, Shatters, to the gentleman ambassador of Armenia,Vladimir Karmishalyan and to the gentleman Ambassador from Portugal.

The meeting was carried out low the I celebrate of the ambassadors' farewell in mention.

The gentleman Ambassador from the Lebanon highlights the importance of these Ambassadors in the Argentina, carrying out in all the cases, important agreements with our country.

Projection in a pleasing way, the Ambassador's great function Empire Kanu of Nigeria, since this I finish slip counties, Municipalities and other.

The Ambassador Empire Kanu, when having the word, thanked this greeting, and I stand out, the importance of the Camera inside this country, which allowed him, to open new Markets.

March 13th

Jesus Cariglino received the Nigerian Ambassador, Empire Kanu.

The reception, to the one that members of the diplomatic service of diverse countries attended credited in the Argentina, was carried out in the intendant's office in the Municipal Palacio.

The intendant of Argentinean Malvinas, Jesus Cariglino, carried out a reception in the Municipal Palacio to discharge of its mission in the country to the ambassador from Nigeria, Empire Kanu, occasion in which an important politics of positioning of the products of its municipality revealed in the African market, with the purpose of to avoid the European intermediation and to reduce costs.

They converged, among other, the commercial Consultant of the embassy of Pakistan Ali Shallwani; the Ambassador from Ukraine Oleksandr Taranenko, the ambassador from Pakistan Naela Chohan; the minister in charge of Nigeria Ade Adenjinle; the vice-consul from the United States Bryan Clayton, President of the Nigerian Argentinean Chamber of Commerce Alberto Morante, Vice-president of the Camera Jorge Dominguez, Treasurer of the Camera Federico Morante and Economist of the Camera Roberto Fritzcher.

"The Ambassador Nduka Kanu was always shown interested by our system of public attention of the health", Cariglino stood out and he/she added that "Kanu has visited several our times district and it always pondered the public and gratuitous sanitary system that we offer in Argentinean Malvinas."

On the other hand, Argentinean Malvinas is developing an aggressive positioning politics in the area of the ECOWWAS (Economic Community of West African States), a market that nuclea to 15 nations of western África and that it possesses a potential market of 252 million inhabitants on a territory of 5 million square kilometers.

" We want to try to avoid the intermediation that takes place with many products that leave Malvinas and that before arriving to África they go by Europe, with the corresponding rise in the price. We want to arrive directly to África from Argentinean Malvinas", it concluded.

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