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October 18, 2013

Farewell Former Ambassador Empire Knu

Former Nigerian Ambassador in Argentina Empire Kanu was in the country during the period of 10 days.
In this framework, the current Nigerian Ambassador in Argentina, Barrister Chive, paid tribute to former Nigerian Ambassador at his residence.
Attended the event the current Ambassador of the Republic of Congo in Argentina and representative of the U.S. Embassy.
The former ambassador, Knu Empire, in his speech, thanked the Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce, represented by its President Alberto Morante, for work performed under management.

October 16, 2013

Visit of Former Ambassador of Nigeria Empire Kanu to the Province of Mendoza

Former Ambassador of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Empire Kanu, visit the Province of Mendoza in conjunction with the Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce, represented by its President and Treasurer. Representative of the Chamber of Commerce in the Cuyo Region, Victor Vegarie, conducted meetings with various business sectors such as Energy, Wine, Golf, machinery, other Companies that have been visited undertake in the month of November 2013, a trade mission to Nigeria, Akwa Ibon state visit and Abia, where they will be received by the Former Ambassador Kanu Empire. The former ambassador expressed satisfaction with the visit, holding very important technology for Nigeria Argentina.


Metalworking Exhibition Mendoza Expo 2013

The Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce represented by its President Alberto Morante visited the Mendoza Province under the invitation to participate in the Expo Metalworking Mendoza 2013.
One objective of the Chamber is to promote the development of industry and trade between the two countries.
Mendoza has positioned itself very effectively in the said item through the efforts of its producers and entrepreneurs is why I will promote the necessary steps to link directly to the development of the Nigerian energy sector.
We appreciate the participation, collaboration and commitment of our representative in the Province of Mendoza, Victor Begarie that through the mentioned, we were pleasantly greeted.

July 07 th

Visit Millanel Cosmetics Company

Cosmetics Millanel firm opened the doors of his business for the Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce.
In the talk held with one of its owners and the Speaker of the House, was established joint tasks between the Company and the possible potential customers Nigerians.
The Speaker of the House, in his last visit to Nigeria in June, established direct contacts with importers in the Cosmetics category.
The company in question, participate in the upcoming Trade Mission to Nigeria

June 21 st

Trade Mission to Nigeria - Lagos-Abuja-Benue

The Argentine Chamber of Commerce conducted Nigerian Trade Mission to Nigeria, Benue State-Abuja-Lagos.
Within the same participating companies in the Province of Buenos Aires and Mendoza, related to the areas of Food Machinery, Laboratory, Hemoterapia Center, Food.
The trade mission was supported by the Embassy of Argentina in Nigeria, represented by Marcelo Cima and the Nigerian Embassy in Argentina, represented by Ambassador Chive, who traveled with the delegation of Argentina.
The Speaker of the House, Albert Morante, was with the Benue State Governor, who thanked the delegation have led Argentina to their State Following the Business Roundtable Agenda and many stakeholders were contacted in the products in question.
Participating companies, who gave their first step in knowing Nigeria, are currently working to make trade searched.

June 10th

Wine and Dine the new Argentine Ambassador to Nigeria

At the residence of the Ambassador of Nigeria, Barrister Chive, along with representatives Diplomats from other African countries, is I offer a treat to the new Argentine ambassador in Nigeria, Gustavo Dzusa.
Gustavo Dzusa, was happy for that reception.
The Argentine Chamber of Commerce Nigeria as every year worked jointly with the Embassy of Argentina in Nigeria, wishing the new Argentine ambassador in Nigeria, Gustavo Dzusa, the greatest success.

May 22th

Visit to the Province of Mendoza

Governor Francisco Perez received in his office the Nigerian ambassador in Argentina, Barrister Chive Kaave. At the meeting held this morning at Government House, also attended by the Minister of Justice, Labour and Government, Felix Gonzalez, and the Director of the Investment Promotion Agency, Matilde Bordon, and representatives of the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce in Argentina.
"We come with the aim of creating a relationship between the governments and people of Mendoza and Nigeria, putting emphasis on the areas of tourism, culture, agriculture and viticulture, where Mendoza is very prominent. It was a very cordial and very frank and after this meeting we hope we can deepen the relationship, “the ambassador said after the meeting.”

The President of the Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Morante Alberto, meanwhile stressed that the ambassador of Nigeria is the third time he comes to Mendoza in the 9 months spent in Argentina and “is giving much importance to business relationships between Mendoza and Nigeria. should be noted that this country along with South Africa are the two powers in Africa, where there are several similarities in agribusiness, and as the largest oil producer in Africa.”

He visited the Municipality of Lujan de Cuyo, in which Mr. Mayor we received from pleasant way, naming the Ambassador of Nigeria, a distinguished citizen of the Municipality.

The agenda of the Nigerian ambassador Mendoza continue with a meeting at the National University of Cuyo, with specialists in agriculture and related businesses in this sector, in addition to visiting vineyards and wineries and food and beverage companies.

May 10th

Information on Trade Mission to Nigeria

The Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a trade mission to Lagos and Benue States respectively each participant manage its airline ticket, in the designated agency and within the framework of days and hours set for your trip, and can thus address this brewing in pesos and fees (as credit card).
The sum of U $ S3.600, - will be used according to the Convention and Annexes, its contribution corresponding dollar currency.
This Mission will be accompanied by the Ambassador of Nigeria Rep in Argentina, counting with the support of the Embassy of Argentina in Nigeria.

For more information welcome to download files. Doc 1 | Doc 2 | Doc 3

May 8th

Meeting between the Deputy Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires and the Ambassador of Nigeria in Argentina

On the day of the date the Vice Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Lic Gabriel Mariotto, received the Ambassador of Nigeria in Argentina, Chive, the President of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce Nigeria, Alberto Morante and Treasurer, Frederick Morante. In the talk titled "working breakfast", dealt with topics related to the energy between the two countries and Foreign Trade.

April 13th

Agreement between Argentina and Nigeria to combat illicit Customs

Argentina and Nigeria sign agreement to prevent customs offenses. Buenos Aires, April 15 (EFE). - Argentina and Nigeria signed an agreement aimed at preventing, investigating and combating illicit maneuvers customs, officials said.
The agreement was signed in Buenos Aires by the head of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) of Argentina, Ricardo Echegaray, and the Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs, Abdullahi Dikko.
The agreement provides for cooperation and mutual assistance between the Customs of both countries in order to "combat illegal customs that harm the economic, fiscal and trade of both countries," it said in a statement AFIP.
"We have strong hopes that this agreement with Nigeria will be very productive," the AFIP, who said that thanks to the agreement will cross trade information to achieve a "transparent". According to official figures, last year Argentina exported to Nigeria worth $ 151 million, while imports from the African country totaled $ 57 million. EFE.

March 28th

2nd Plenary of public policy for the Province of Buenos Aires

The Nigerian Argentine Chamber of Commerce, represented by its Treasurer, Frederick Morante, attended the 2nd. Plenary Public Policy for the Province of Buenos Aires. In said event addressed issues related to foreign trade and others. The Chamber of Commerce got a booth where I provide advise and information to over 1000 people who went through the same.

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