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October 1st, 2014

Day of the independence of the Republic Federal of Nigeria

As every year is celebrated the day of the independence of the Republic Federal of Nigeria.

This event took place at the residence of the Lord Ambassador Barrister Chivee.

In 1960 Nigeria became in an independent State of the United Kingdom.

The Feast was marked by joy both its people and colors that characterize the festive clothes.

In a very emotional ceremony Mr Ambassador Chive Kaave offered a warm reception through his speech and send your greetings to Mrs. Presidenta Cristina Fernández de Kirchner through the present Chancery there and represented by Ambassador Mr. Diego Tettamanti who directs the Undersecretary of Latin-American politics and by the Chamber of Commerce Argentine Nigerian represented by its Vice President Jorge Domínguez.

October 1st, 2014

Meeting at the Agency’s investment and foreign trade of the Department of Las Heras.

In the Department of Las Heras, province of Mendoza, Víctor Begarie, representative of the Chamberof Commerce Argentine Nigerian in the area which, exhibited and kept an informative talk about Nigeria.

It dealt with various topics related to trade between the two countries.

Attended by exporters of wines and oils - cooperative producers of honey - metalworking - tools forthe Agro, among others.

Within the officials they were Director Carlos Corengia and Deputy Director Mauricio Ruiz.

Also converse with the Lord Mayor Ruben Miranda about the possibility of involving the municipality of Las Heras in 2015 on a trade mission to Nigeria.

September 10th, 2014

Conference trade for entrepreneurs of Malvinas Argentinas

It held the first Conference on foreign trade to advise employers of Malvinas Argentinas about 2015-2020 regulations. It could discuss the functioning of them and having the exposure of differentexhibitors

It was also the participation of the Pro-Universitaria Foundation of brokers and auctioneers public,the Chairman of the Industrial Park, the Lord Minister of the Embassy of Nigeria, Treasurer of theChamber of Commerce Argentine Nigerian and CEPIMA.

August 30th 2014

Presentation Minister of Nigeria

At the residence of the Ambassador Lord of Nigeria was presented the new Minister of the EmbassyNigerian, Mr Tiwalade Oluyami Adelanwa.

They were present authorities of the countries of Chancery Argentina, Congo, South Africa andAngola.

The Minister expressed his happiness be designated in our country, promising to work hard betweenthe two Nations.

The Chamber of Commerce Argentine Nigerian welcomes the Nigerian official.

August 28th 2014

Stonemasons and Nigerian Ambassador Mercosur want to project to the world

"This session is historic and marks a hopeful precedent that we return to the path of institutional sibling Mercosur countries to recover and open to the world and continental region," said the lieutenant governor after formally declare the opening of the proceedings. 's guest of honor BRIPAM session was the Nigerian Ambassador, who signed with the supranational body, a cultural, institutional and commercial cooperation for which his country is committed to addressing the opportunities for exchange with the common market that make the South American countries. diplomat expressed gratitude "for the opportunity to participate" in the session, while the community leaders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina proposed various channels of dialogue to strengthen the regional bloc to the opportunities that arise in the international market. Among the items approved by BRIPAM, incorporating all the mayors of Corrientes who wish to participate in the integration process, which took its first step by signing the agreement with the diplomatic representative of Nigeria, a country that is potential importer of commodities produced in countries formalized Mercosur in general and especially in Corrientes. In another part of the debate, the prefects of BRIPAM Javier Pereyra (chairman), Vanisse Matos (VP), Eldor Hut (second vice president) and Ramon Ortellado (secretary general) mocionaron an expression of "recognition Governor Ricardo Colombi for convening the BRIPAM, in his capacity as a signatory to the mutual agreement of commercial, social and cultural integration with the Republic of Nigeria. " In another vein, forum mercosurianos mayors thanked "the lieutenant governor Gustavo Canteros by processing statements parliamentary and provincial interest in this cooperation agreement. " session of Regional Block Mayors took place on the legislative floor and laid the foundations of regional trade ahead of a cooperative process that will allow members of the Mercosur region "confront more competitive international markets," the second president in remarks to the press. "Moreover, the fact that in this first step of the Regional Mayors Mercosur block has been participating Ior Kaave Ambassador represents progress important because the facts demonstrated ability to interact with the world like Latin America, "the lieutenant governor. Nigerian Ambassador thanked "the hospitality of Corrientes" and expressed his desire to build "a fruitful relationship with the institutions of Corrientes" . He gave the example of "this friendly meeting with vicegovernment as head of a legislative body that works towards integration." Deputy Governor thanked the ambassador that "has come to our headquarters to generate all institutional ties with the province arc towards a strengthening of bilateral relations because integration pathways out always result in benefits both culturally as well as in the aspect of trade.

May 30th, 2014

Death Humberto Cardozo

Mr. Humberto Dante Cardozo died in the month of may

Humberto Dante Cardozo was a native of the province of Formosa, holding positions in and out ofthe Provincial Government.

Mr. Humberto Dante Cardozo was part of the directive Committee of the Chamber of CommerceArgentine Nigerian, being his last charge of accounts reviewer of the Chamber of Commerce Argentine Niger.

We greet and assist their families and loved ones.

April 5th, 2014

Visit to laboratory Roemmers

Mr Ambassador of Nigeria in the Argentina Barrister Chivee with the Lord President of the Chamberof Commerce Argentine Nigerian, Alberto Morante, visited the plant of Roemmers laboratory, locatedin the province of Buenos Aires.

Laboratorios Roemmers was founded by Alberto J. Roemmers. Mr. Roemmers came from the town of Lennep, located in Germany’s Rhineland, to Argentina seeking a new beginning. Mr. Roemmers carefully laid the groundwork for his pioneering company using the latest in German technology of the time. Laboratorios Roemmers has since grown into one of the most developed companies in the world in the pharmaceutical industry.

Roemmers markets 57 million units in Argentina alone on an annual basis, not counting the significant amount of free samples which are provided to medical professionals. Roemmers is very selective in its choices of pharma-chemical products and this is one of the main forces behind the outstanding reputation Roemmers enjoys with both medical professionals and the general public.

Laboratorios Roemmers collaborates with over a thousand individuals including physicians, biochemists, chemists, pharmacists and engineers in various specialties.

March 28th, 2014

Cocoa, charcoal and cotton lead the non-oil exports from Nigeria in 2013.

The analysis of the foreign trade of Nigeria in 2013 concluded that charcoal cocoa, sesame seeds and cotton are the greater volume of non-oil. Exports of finished products increased more than one 80 percent demonstrating the growth of the manufacturing industry in the country.

The report for the first quarter of this 2014 shows that the majority of the country's non-oil exports are destined to Europe and the far East in second place.

Despite growth exports experienced yet Nigeria is a predominantly importing country, as reflected in 8% coverage rate.

In the report on the evolution of foreign trade he quotes the Director General de Maersk Nigeria Limited and President Chamber Argentin Nigerian Alberto Morante , Jan Thorhauge, that the way to increase the coverage rate is to increase industrial production. In this regard the initiative of the Government to privatize the electricity sector has helped in this objective.

The increase in oil prices and the consequent increase of national income also helped increase foreign exchange reserve and the growth of trade. If you want to continue reading about the foreign trade of the country.

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