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Year 1990

  • With the auspice of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we were able to organise and participate in the 1991 International Trade Fair, Lagos - Nigeria. Important companies such as INVAP and small /medium scale companies from different areas attended this event, with an active participation of the San Martin District. The Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires also collaborated in the organization of the exposition. This was the first time an Argentine Bank was present in the West African Market. The Republic of Argentina stand obtained the third prize in both categories, Presentation and Organization, sharing the Pavilion with England.

Year 1994

  • Participation in the Third International Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Exposition in the city of Lagos - Nigeria

Year 1995

  • Nigerian Officials visited Argentina.

Year 1997

  • Nigerian trade delegations led by His Highness, Prince of Yoruba Ethnic Group, Dr. H. K. Fujahronda.

Year 1998

  • The authorities of the CANC organized a conference in the premises of “Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económias” on “The Economic Exchange between Argentina and Nigeria” with the participation of the Argentine Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Federal Republic of Nigeria in Buenos Aires (Federal District) .

Year 1999

  • Participation in the Exposition organized by the Exhinbank at the Costa Salguero Exposition Center, Buenos Aires - Argentina.

  • Members of the CANC and Argentine Businessmen have meeting with the HE the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Dudem Onyia.

  • Meeting between authorities of the CANC and he the Executive Governor of Jigawa State, Ibrahim Saminu Turaki.

Year 2000

  • Publication from the UNO Journal, March 28th 2000, Mendoza - Argentina.

  • Credentials of the H. E. Ambassador of Federal Republic of Nigeria in Argentina, Dr. M. A. Wali.

  • Governor of Plateau State visited Argentina.

  • Nigerian Rotaries visited Argentina.

  • H. E. Ambassador of Nigeria, Dr. M. Wali visited Mendoza with members of the CANC.

  • The Argentina Nigerian Chamber of Commerce
  • The Argentina Nigerian Chamber of Commerce
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