The Argentine-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce

Was constituted in Buenos Aires, on July 15th, 1974. The main objective of the Chamber was to promote the cultural and commercial relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Argentina.

Nigeria, the entry port of West Africa, constitutes a constant challenge searching for the optimisation of our commercial relations.

The Nigerian market, with more than 140 million people, (2000 census), added to other 120 million people belonging to the concurrent countries (ECOWAS-Economy Community Of West African States) they all represent over than 260 million people that without any doubt, transforms this region, importer of products and technology, into a worldwide attraction.

Many Argentine businessmen have already established relevant businesses with their Nigerian counterparts, at a time both countries want to be culturally, technologically and commercially related.

New Executive Commission - The Argentine-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce

Name and Surname



Alberto V. Morante


Jorge Domínguez

Vice Chairman

Roberto Carrizo

General Secretary

Federico Morante


Bennardi Analia

Assistant Secretary


Guardabassi Juan

Assistant Treasurer

Barbarelli Natalia

Board Director

Scarpone Oriel

Board Director

Barbarelli Leonardo

Board Director

Guimarey Ricardo


Giogio Pablo


Deodato Marisa


Douglas Stephen


Fritzsche Roberto

Account Supervisor

Diaz Ruben

Account Supervisor

Martinez Patricia

Assistant Account Supervisor

Santina Magda Zerda   International Adviser Ad

Cámara de Comercio Argentina - Nigeria y Países Concurrentes


Embajada de Nigeria
en Argentina

Juez Estrada 2746,
Buenos Aires, Argentina